Battery pack holder

- May 03, 2017 -

1) Inclined design

In order to allow solar cells to receive solar radiation in as many years as possible, we have to choose the best tilt for solar modules.

The discussion of the best inclination of solar modules is used in different regions, depending on the region.

2) Wind resistant design

In the solar street light system, the structure of a need to pay great attention to the problem is the wind design. Wind design is divided into two large blocks, one for the battery assembly bracket wind design, two for the poles of the wind design. The following two pieces were analyzed.

⑴ solar cell module bracket wind design

According to the technical parameters of battery components manufacturers, solar modules can withstand the wind pressure of 2700Pa. If the wind resistance is selected as 27m / s (equivalent to ten typhoons), according to non-viscous fluid mechanics, the battery pack to withstand the wind pressure is only 365Pa. Therefore, the component itself is fully able to withstand 27m / s wind speed without damage. Therefore, the design of the key to consider is the battery module bracket and pole connection.

In the design of this set of street lamp system, the connection between the battery module bracket and the poles is designed to be fixed by bolts.

⑵ street lamp poles of the wind design

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