CRESOLAR new global starboard - Black Kingkong series of integrated solar street lights

- Jul 13, 2017 -

On 6th of July in 2017, CRESOLAR has launched out its new member in solar integrated light range----the KINGKONG series.


This series of light is designed based on our all in one solar led street light. But compared to the former design, it has incorporated new design elements---Kingkong rock metal color, it has adopted the completed new technology and new material. From the appearance, you may think the engineer should be a rock youth and has an uninhibited spirit. Moreover, based on the former all in one street lamp design, pls kindly let us go to its improved parts which are the most important developments:

1.       Adopt high lumen Philips 3030 LED, which can reach 100-110lm/w, much brighter than before.

2.       Enlarged the light view angle: before our beam angle is 120degree, but now the beam angle is 150°X 70°, more widely.

3.       Adjustable lamp based for the lamp, before our solar integrated light lamp based is fixed and couldn’t be adjusted its installation angle, but now, the adjustable lamp based can be in 15°to 45°, it makes more fixable in installation for clients and absorbs the sun light in most effective way.

4.       The most important is we have make it more intelligent control than before, it has settled the light by remote control in 3 working modes: a. motion sensor, b. time control, c. mixed mode by time control(in former night 5hrs by 50%) and motion sensor(in later half night).

5.       Using new high-tech electronic switch.

6.       Smaller again in shipping, saving shipping cost in max.

CRESOLAR 80W all in one solar flat light is an upgraded design, as all in one compact design, it has a big limitation for solar panel size and battery. In order to make the solar light power to reach 80W, engineers have tested a lot of times with high efficiency solar panel and battery. High power in 80W can met a lot of road lighting requirements; it has enlarged the application for all in one solar led street light, making it is more and more attractive.



Of course the biggest point for us to design this solar street light is to save the cost! Its cost has been deducted a lot. For more details, pls contact with our sales to know more about the price. Welcome to contact and visit us for more professional technical parameters for our solar street lights and other solar LED products.



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