Common troubleshooting methods

- May 03, 2017 -

1. Solar panel has voltage, but can not charge, LEDI green light does not check the controller's solar panel interface is reliable

2. Charging indicator LEDI (green) Fast flashing system voltage overpressure, check whether the battery is open, or whether the battery is connected reliably. Or the charging circuit is damaged

3. Load indicator LED3 (red) light, but the load does not work Check the load side wiring is reliable

4. The load indicator LED3 (red) flashes quickly and the load is not working short

5. Load indicator LED3 (red) slow flash, and the load does not work load power is too large

6.LED2 display red, and the load does not work battery voltage protection, please charge

7. The whole light does not shine. Solar street lights for outdoor lighting, often encountered high temperature and rain, low temperature rain and snow weather, and solar street light controller is usually installed in the poles, likely to cause its water into the controller short circuit phenomenon. First observe the controller terminal whether there is water rust, if there is a very likely controller is damaged, no further battery voltage measurement, such as 12V solar street light power supply system, the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V battery is not storage , Need to be replaced. And then check the folding plate under normal working conditions, whether there is voltage, current output. There is no damage to the panels, replace the panels. Above no problem, it should check the light source, only to the light source to see whether to light up, do not turn on the replacement of light.

8. The lamp is flashing. Causing the cause of this failure, poor line contact, battery loss, a serious decline in storage capacity, no problem in the case of the line, the replacement of the battery.

9. light time is short, rainy days short duration. Usually the battery storage capacity decline, resulting in storage. Replace the battery can be a reasonable.

10. Solar street light is not bright. Many solar street light dot matrix LED light source, in addition to the quality of the LED light source itself, some light beads will lead to this situation Weld. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, weld firmly or replace the entire lamp head.

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