Ideas For Solar Driveway Lights

- Oct 15, 2017 -

Solar driveway lights are both decorative and functional. Since they use solar power and don’t require hard wiring, they are easy and inexpensive to install. And lower cost means you have more options. Here are some ideas for outdoor solar lights that you may not have considered before.

Solar pathway lights

If you live in the country or an area that tries to avoid night time ‘light pollution’ (a term astronomers use to describe how city lighting prevents us from seeing the stars at night), then low-to-the-ground pathway lights may be the idea way to keep your car on the driveway without the intrusion of broad-area lighting. Pathway lights can be secured to the ground by their attached stakes and provide just enough light to define the edge of the pavement. Fixture styles range from inexpensive plastic fixtures to high-end stainless steel.

Post caps

If you have an entry gate to your property or fence posts along the driveway, solar post cap lighting can be easy to install. Also known as ‘column lights’ or ‘pillar lights’, these solar lights come in various styles to blend with your home’s design, whether you need a modern-looking globe or a traditional carriage lantern design.

Bollard lighting

This style of solar lighting fixture provides illumination to a broader area than ground-level lights, yet doesn’t try to light up the whole yard. Bollard lighting is usually about 3 to 4 feet high so it can illuminate decorative plants as well as provide more security than ground lighting. Since it’s visible, it’s important to choose a style that fits in well with the rest of the architectural features of your home. Make sure that the solar fixture you choose is harmonious with your porch light and any other lighting fixtures that are also design features.


For long driveways that need a lot of illumination for decorative or safety purposes, solar pole lights are an ideal choice. They light up the entire area so that your family and visitors can see the surrounding area as they move up the driveway. Or maximum light, choose outdoor solar lights with super bright LEDs that offers 360 degree lighting. Since they operate on solar power independent of the utility grid, power outages will never affect their ability to provide light to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

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