Lamp installation

- May 03, 2017 -

⒈ fixed parts of the various components: the sun board fixed on the sun board bracket, the lamp holder fixed to the arm, and then the bracket and the arm fixed to the main pole, and the cable into the control box (battery box).

⒉ light pole before lifting, the first part of the fasteners to check whether the solid, the lamp is correct installation, light source work is normal. And then in the simple debugging system work is normal; release the controller on the sun board cable, light source work.

⒊ the main light pole when lifting, pay attention to safety precautions; screws absolutely fast, such as the composition of the sunny angle deviation, need to adjust the direction of its upward direction towards the straight south.

⒋ the battery into the battery box, in accordance with the technical requirements of the cable connected to the controller; first take the battery, then load, and then take the sun board; wiring operation must pay attention to the wiring and the controller can be marked on the terminal Wrong, positive and negative polarity can not be collided, can not be reversed; otherwise the controller will be damaged.

⒌ debugging system work is normal; release the controller on the sun board cable, light; connected to the sun board cable, light out; at the same time carefully observe the controller on the changes in the lights; all belong to normal, box.

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