Outdoor Solar Lights – Ideas For Solar Garden Lights

- Sep 20, 2017 -

DIY outdoor solar lights are a great project for anyone who is handy with tools, wants to save some money and wants to reduce energy costs or dependence on their local utility company. Since most solar garden lights don’t require elaborate and expensive electrical installations, you probably won’t need to hire an outside contractor. If you start with a small project, your lighting could be ready for use in a couple of hours or less. Here are a few ideas for solar lighting that would be an attractive addition to any garden.

Solar rock lights

If you don’t like the look of lighting fixtures, no matter how artistic, then solar rock lights are a good choice for your garden. They have all of the features and benefits of small solar accent lights — LEDs, no need for wiring, solar power source — but they just use a different fixture design. The synthetic lighting fixture is a designed to look like a rock so it blends more easily into a natural landscaping plan. You can use them anywhere you would use a traditional accent light, but the rock design won’t call attention to the lighting fixture.

Copper solar garden lights

On the other hand, if you like the idea of incorporating artwork and sculpture into your garden lighting design,solar lights Copper starts out shiny and attractive, and can stay that way if you keep it protected with a coat of clear lacquer. But it you want low maintenance and a natural look, leave it unprotected. It will age to a beautiful verdigris color (blue-green) that can add an elegant vintage look to the scene.

Mosaic solar garden lights

Another option for garden art is to use mosaic solar garden lights. Mosaic designs have been used since ancient times (think Rome and Greece). Since they are made from bits of broken glass or pottery set into plaster or cement, they are extremely durable. They are available is a wide selection of designs and colors. If you have a particular theme in mind, you can even have an artisan create a custom design for your solar lights

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