Outdoor Solar Lights – Ideas For Using Solar Path Lights

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Solar path lights are one of the most versatile ways to incorporate lighting into your garden design. Since solar lighting doesn’t require hardwiring to a gridded power source, you can easily place them just about anywhere in your yard that there’s a path or walkway. Outdoor solar lights come in an increasing number of styles that can either blend in or stand out and make a statement. Here are some idea that will help you choose the best options for your yard.

Solar plastic lights

Probably the least expensive way to add lighting to your path is to add solar plastic lights mounted on short stakes that are sunk into the ground. The plastic fixture makes them weatherproof and keeps the price low. But they use the same kind of LED technology that more expensive lights use, so you can get the same kind of illumination for your walkways that more expensive ground-level fixtures provide.

Bollard design

If you want a little more illumination than a ground-level light designs, but don’t want the eye-level lighting that a pole light or a flood light provides, then choose a bollard design. These solar lights are usually 2 to 3 feet high and offer expanded ground lighting that is not as intrusive as taller lights. They come in a large variety of designs, materials and price levels.

Stainless steel solar pathway lights

If you like the look of pathway lights that are set into the ground, stainless steel pathway lights are a good choice. The stainless steel fixtures will withstand moisture from the ground and ensure that they last a lifetime. Just make sure that you install them in an area that is covered in bark, gravel or other material that doesn’t need mowing. Even stainless steel won’t survive lawn mower blades. Of course, if you really want to place your solar powered lights in an area surrounded by lawn, just make sure that you and your landscaping crew remove them before cutting the grass.

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