Solar Lights and system in Developing Countries

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Billions of people around the world are still living without electricity. Till recently, the only solution for those people to get lighting was to use kerosene lamps or candles with all the risks involved. Thanks to solar lights technology things are improving.


Efficient and affordable LED solar lights are now available for the developing world.


Fortunately, several companies are working on portable solar solutions to help those people improve their lives and prospects with efficient and clean lighting. One of them is Nokero, short for “no kerosene” and which offers a range of solar light bulbs and solar phone battery chargers.

There is a real need for clean and safe solar lighting in developing countries


Although solar lighting seems like an obvious solution, people without electricity are not able to make the transition from kerosene due to high up-front costs. Peole living on less than a dollar a day simply cannot afford a light for $20-$50. One Million Lights help families shift wasteful kerosene cost to productive investments in education, nutrition, and healthcare.

One Million Lights distribute solar lanterns in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Haiti and many other countries around the globe.


Lighting Africa, a World Bank project has certified a list of solar lights that meet minimum standards for reliability, brightness and run time.

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