Solar Powered Lighting

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Solar powered lighting increase security and visibility on your property. Solar lights can be very useful in gardens, deck and patio area, or any other location where electrical outlets are not available. Solar powered lights are also cost efficient and help a lot in reducing electric bills.

Rechargeable solar light batteries are charged during daylight. Once the batteries are fully charged they can produce enough energy to power the ultra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to properly illuminate your garden all night long.

Most solar powered lights come with a small solar panel on the top. A light sensor automatically controls the light from dusk to dawn. This way, there is no intervention from your part to tur on and off the light.
Not only solar powered lights produce good illumination, they are also very easy to setup. No electricity, cables or trenching is needed.

Solar lights can be installed virtually anywhere you wish. Now you can find solar light fixtures that can be installed not only in the ground but also on wall, on deck posts. You can even find hanging solar lanterns and recessed solar lights for stairs, decks and patios.

Solar powered spot lights are also available. They are very useful for accent lighting or for flag lighting. Solar flag lights are spot lights with special fixtures that mount directly on the flag pole. The Liberty Light is a very popular solar flagpole light. For more powerful lighting applications you can find solar flood lights

Solar powered lighting comes in a wide variety of designs. Most of today’s solar lights use LED technology. Ultra bright LEDs are ideal for solar lighting applications because of their low energy consumption and illumination characteristics

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