solar street lights

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Solar street lights were initially used mainly in third world countries or remote and disaster areas, where electricity is not always available. Today’s solar energy technology has evolved and solar projects are appearing in both developed and developing countries.

 Street lights using solar technology can be quickly and easily deployed.

 Well chosen, solar powered street lights will give years of reliable and maintenance-free operation.




Solar street lamps, a reality for environmentally-conscious cities

Electric street lights are big consumers of energy, costing millions to cities and municipalities around the world. Solar lighting can be implemented in any remote location where the cost of installing conventional power supplies is too expensive or problematic.

 Well designed, solar street lights systems can provide an excellent alternative to traditional electric street lighting, in addition to significant energy and maintenance savings.

Unlike solar yard lights, solar powered street lights are not off-the-shelf products and great attention is required before making any decision.

The conversion to solar lighting is feasible and cost-effective, not to mention the benefits of using clean and renewable energy. You want to make sure the road lights you are planning to buy are suitable for your specific application and will work properly in your environment.

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