Green Solar Lighting With "The Belt And Road"

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Shenzhen Cresolar technology respond positively to the national call to promote new energy lighting, advocating green lighting, and let our new solar integrated light assimilate into various countries of “The Belt and Road", let the new intelligent solar lamp benefits to all countries of “The Belt and Road ", making " The Belt and Road” become a green “The Belt and Road "; 


Shenzhen Cresolar technology company takes LED light as the main indicator, and solar energy as technology direction, continuously develop and innovate new solar power lights, and we have launched several series solar lights in solar street lights, solar garden lights and solar energy products etc. to meet various countries and various environmental conditions lighting requirements. We have followed the country, along with President Xi on the "The Belt and Road" road lighting, warmly welcome friends from all countries to cooperate with us, let us create a green "The Belt and Road" together!


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