CRESOLAR Has Finished The Project For 300pcs 20W All In One Solar Led Street Light In Hunan, China

- Sep 07, 2017 -

On the hot August, CRESOLAR has finished the project for the 20W all in one solar led street light in Chitang town, Hunan Province. The local villagers are very happy for the bright lighting in every light. Before the small village is always in dark when night comes, Kids couldn’t enjoy a bright environment in the outside ground. And this 300sets all in one solar street lights has solved the dark days for the villagers. The solar street lights has brighten their life and make they enjoy more of life.


In the past, solar was expensive, and grid power was cheap. And the development of technology, each year the price of electricity goes up and the price of solar power goes down. Mix this trend with local and federal incentives (which may not be around forever), and a positive return-on-investment is easily achieved. So now the government is paying more attention to energy saving and cost saving for country electricity now. In some provinces, over time, the return-on-investment rivals what you could expect from a decent mutual fund.


Beside for the construction of the village, it also brings a performance to local official. And this also benefits to the environment, and you can see why solar power for homes and businesses is becoming more and more popular. The technology is now quite straightforward; put solar lights on your property, and the sun’s energy is directly converted into power for your home, which offsets the amount of electricity otherwise purchased from the power company.


Welcome to know more about CRESOLAR solar street lights. 

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