Cresolar Solar Integrated Light Becomes “the Shining Star” In China Countryside

- Sep 20, 2017 -

In 2015 - 2016, CRESOLAR increased the pace of the solar street light construction in new rural countryside. With the advance of new rural construction, rural road lighting project has become a big part of the plan in official’s new rural construction plan. However, in the past, because of the complex phenomenon of rural areas, rural lighting project existed a lot of difficulties, such as:

1, Investment issues for road lighting construction project;
2, The installation process is complex, it has to occupy agricultural land, digging, layout the cable etc.
3, It has to pay the electricity charge, because the cost can’t be solved, so it resulted in the issue that after the installation of the lam, most the lamp almost are not bright, it didn’t play a real role of lighting efficiency to peoples.
4, The maintenance work is cost too, as replacement parts, the original device and so on.
5, Energy consumption is too big, no energy saving but cause environment pollution problem.

But by the using of the solar street lights, all the problems have been solved directly. Solar Street Light has properly solved all the existence problems in rural lighting construction; it becomes a new "star" role in rural country construction.

And the biggest advantages of solar street light are as below:

1, Energy saving, environmental protection and it is the green lighting which our country vigorously promote.
2, Investment funds is easier to be solved, because it is energy-saving environmental protection products, in all places esp. for new rural countryside construction project, our state of government will give special founds support.
3, Less investment, comprehensive economic benefits is basically the same as conventional street.
4, The installation of solar street light is quite simple, no need digging ditch, and the construction duration is also short.
5, No electricity charges, 100% by sun power.
6, Almost maintenance free, because the LED light source life of more than 10 years.
7, Smart all in one design, more attractive than the traditional street light, forming a beautiful landscape in countryside area.
8, Solar Street light brings the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection to people in rural areas, and guide the rural people awareness of energy conservation.

In the past few years, CRESOLAR has built dozens of solar street light in new rural construction in Hunan, Hubei, Inner Mongolia and other large, it has bought bright and convenient to local villagers life, making their night warm and beautiful in everyday.

To 2017, CRESOLAR believe that they will bright more bright and convenient to more rural villages. Let us work together!

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