New Arrival---New Intelligent Solar LED Street Light

- Jun 30, 2017 -

According to the requirements of general clients'demand, CRESOLAR has explored a new strong intelligent solar led street light. 


The whole control of all functions can be realized, and all the street lights in one project can be controlled at one time. 

The remote voice broadcast, a remote alarm and remote monitoring functions and so on.

in the following near future, CRESOLAR will share with all clients for the more details and technology information for the new strong energies. 



Here pls kindly let us make a general introduction of the main function of this design:

  1. The solar power and wind hybrid power can be complemented with each other.

  2. With complementary city power available in case if there is no power for solar or wind hybrid, to ensure the lamp working normally.

  3. The light automatically adapts to the local illumination / wind conditions and automatically adjusts its back up continuous raining days.

  4. 365 days working, no lighting-off.

  5. Remote control for lights on and off.

  6. Remote setting parameters.

  7. Remote reading lights’ status, fault information, charge and discharge and historical data etc.

  8. Remote transmitting broadcast information.

  9. Remote alarm function.

  10. Pole one button alarm function.

  11. Remote monitoring function.

  12. Remote view history monitoring pictures.


At present, it mainly designed 4watts as the main solar street light, the main street light models are: 30W, 60W, 100W and 120W. The software to our this new innovation all in one solar street light now is available for Android mobile APP, IOS phone APP is ongoing, will come soon.


And regarding the sub solar street lamp configuration to the main integrated solar street light, clients can choose CRESOLAR standard solar street lighting, and just by adding a wireless communication transponder (Please kindly be noted: the farthest distance with the main street light should be within 5 km) is OK. A main street lamp can be allocated with 200 sub solar led street lamps, except the audio features and monitoring function, the sub street lamp’s all other functions are the same as the main street lighting, it also has the remote control function.


It is hard to describe all information in detail to our this new innovation solar integrated light in one article, warmly welcome clients come to consult our sales for more information and can get a grear price support.


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