Solar Energy Research Direction

- May 03, 2017 -

Solar power, not expensive. If the state decisively, the introduction of industrial policies to encourage the development of green energy, with the technological progress, the cost of solar power, will further reduce. "His remarks caused the reporter's curiosity, the reporter interviewed a lot of experts, ask them to discuss: how to do, in order to make solar power as much as possible for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

Industrial applications to absorb research and development costs, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering researcher Ma Shenghong said that a new technology in the development of different stages, there are different application requirements. Compared with other renewable energy power generation technology, photovoltaic power generation in the remote areas to solve the scattered villages and farmers and herdsmen power supply has outstanding technical and economic advantages, will solve China's 30 million away from the power supply to play a major role. In some special areas, photovoltaic power generation has been rapidly rising in the aerospace power supply, communications station unattended power, pipeline cathodic protection, military field power, toys, watches, street lamps, garden lights and the rise of environmental protection and many other areas, has been shown Out of "comparative advantage". Industry applications can absorb a lot of research costs, and then promote the depth of technical research, find more suitable materials and reduce costs of the solution.

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