Solar Future Development

- May 03, 2017 -

In the specific operation: polycrystalline silicon solar cell research should be combined with the introduction of research, as soon as possible to establish a production capacity of megawatt-class production line; monocrystalline silicon solar cell focus on improving the efficiency of components and reduce production costs; accelerate the development of new solar energy battery. Specific standards: the establishment of megawatt-class polysilicon solar cell production line Main technical and economic indicators: component efficiency of 13%, component life of 20 to 25 years; monocrystalline silicon solar cell module production line of technological transformation of the main technical and economic indicators: 15%, component life of 20 to 25 years.

To the rapid development of existing technology conditions, the solar cell industry should be as soon as possible to achieve the industrialization of small-scale optical power; focus on the development of 100 kilowatts of capacity independent of the operation of photovoltaic power plant serialization, standardization, commercialization of photovoltaic power generation technology and large Scale application to do pre-preparation.

In the specific standards: low-power photovoltaic power industry Industrial power range: kilowatt-class, 100W-scale industrial scale: the total capacity of more than 1 megawatts System cost: lower than the "Eighth Five" average price of more than 30% of solar energy; independent operation of photovoltaic power plant series Standardization, commercialization. Power range: 10 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts system cost: than the "eight five" lower average price of more than 30%; grid photovoltaic power generation technology research and demonstration. Megawatt grid-connected photovoltaic power plant, 10 kW grid-connected photovoltaic power plant, 100 kW grid-connected photovoltaic power plant with inverter development, photovoltaic power plant operation and power system related technology research.

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